Emoji Version 13.1

Out of 217 new emojis in Emoji 13.1 there are 3 Smileys, 2 Emotion, and 212 People & Body emojis. They are available on Apple iPhone devices in the iOS 14.5 from April 26, 2021.

The new "Face with Spiral Eyes" emoji added to resolve vendor interoperability. In regards to the 😵 Dizzy Face emoji, part of emoji fonts render it with spirals, and other part render it with “X’s”.

The 🧔Person: Beard changed to be gender-neutral, and separate man an woman versions with skin-tone modifiers were added. 200 new emojis are skin tones modifications for Multi-Person emojis 💏 Kiss and 💑 Couple with Heart and for their gender-neutral, man and woman gender variants.

Release date: Sept. 15, 2020

Number of new Emojis: 217

New emojis in v.13.1


Emoji Versions: