❤️ Red Heart

A classic red heart emoji indicating love. Often displayed in different shades of red on most platforms. A similar emoji exists for the ♥️ Heart Suit in a deck of playing cards.

Two new emojis in Emoji 13.1 are based on the red heart design: ❤️‍🔥Heart On Fire, and ❤️‍🩹Mending Heart.

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❤️ Red Heart Emoji Meaning

The Red Heart emoji is one of the most used on all platforms, because of its variety of meanings. It is used to express romantic love, friendship, brand loyalty, or to show how strong you like something.

Heart emoji is also often used as a logogram for the English verb "to love": "I ❤️️ NY", "I ❤️️ You", or even "I ❤️️ 🧋 Boba.

It's sometime used as a symbol of "health" or "lives" in text based games, where you can combine it with ♡ White Heart Suit symbol or 🤍 White Heart emoji to show total and available lives:
❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️
❤️️ ❤️️ 🤍
❤️️ ♡ ♡

On Snapchat it appears next to your friend name if you have been each other’s Best Friend for at least two weeks straight.

Also Called

  • ❤️Heart
  • ❤️Love Heart
  • ❤️Red Heart

Apple Name

  • ❤️Red Heart

How emoji looks on Apple Iphone, Android and other platforms

Category 😃 Smileys & Emotion
Subgroup Heart
Codepoints 2764 FE0F
Shortcode :heart:

Tags and Keywords:

Red Heart ❤️ emoji codes for devs:

HTML hex ❤️
HTML dec ❤️
URL escape code %E2%9D%A4%EF%B8%8F
Punycode xn--qei
Bytes (UTF-8) E2 9D A4 EF B8 8F
JavaScript, JSON, Java \u2764\uFE0F
C, C++, Python \u2764\uFE0F
CSS \2764 \FE0F
PHP, Ruby \u{2764}\u{FE0F}
Perl \x{2764}\x{FE0F}


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