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🫡 Saluting Face

A yellow face emoji with a hand making salute gesture. Mostly used to honor or pay respect.

Saluting Face emoji was added to Emoji 14.0 in 2021.

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🫡 Saluting Face Emoji Meaning

In digital communications Saluting Face emoji is frequently used to recognize or acknowledge a message or a request.

Military or other organizations use salute to pay respect to a flag or a national anthem or other symbols, as well as to a 🧑 person. In that case, salute also means greeting.

Sometimes may be used to convey a reaction to blinding lights of the ☀️ Sun or another light source.

How emoji looks on Apple Iphone, Android and other platforms

Category 😃 Smileys & Emotion
Subgroup Face hand
Codepoints 1FAE1

Tags and Keywords:

Saluting Face 🫡 emoji codes for devs:

HTML hex 🫡
HTML dec 🫡
URL escape code %F0%9F%AB%A1
Punycode xn--229h
Bytes (UTF-8) f0 9f ab a1
JavaScript, JSON, Java \ud83e\udee1
C, C++, Python \U0001fae1
PHP, Ruby \u{1FAE1}
Perl \x{1FAE1}


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