Fast Down Button

An image of two triangles pointing down. Similar to rewind icon, rotated 90° counter-clockwise. This button reduces the volume of the sound.

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Apple Name

  • Down-Pointing Double Triangle

How emoji looks on Apple Iphone, Android and other platforms

Category ✅ Symbols
Subgroup Av symbol
Codepoints 23EC
Shortcode :arrow_double_down:

Tags and Keywords:

fast down button

Fast Down Button ⏬ emoji codes for devs:

HTML hex ⏬
HTML dec ⏬
URL escape code %E2%8F%AC
Punycode xn--doh
Bytes (UTF-8) E2 8F AC
JavaScript, JSON, Java \u23EC
C, C++, Python \u23EC
PHP, Ruby \u{23EC}
Perl \x{23EC}


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