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🪹 Empty Nest

The cup-shaped empty bird's nest. Despite the literal representation of a nest, it may be used as symbols of 🏠 home and safety. The empty version may also represent "Empty nest syndrome" — a feeling of emptiness experienced by parents after their 🧒 children left the home.

Empty Nest emoji was added to Emoji 14.0 in 2021 together with 🪺 Nest with Eggs.

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Category 🐶 Animals & Nature
Subgroup Plant other
Codepoints 1FAB9

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Empty Nest 🪹 emoji codes for devs:

HTML hex 🪹
HTML dec 🪹
URL escape code %F0%9F%AA%B9
Punycode xn--x19h
Bytes (UTF-8) f0 9f aa b9
JavaScript, JSON, Java \ud83e\udeb9
C, C++, Python \U0001fab9
PHP, Ruby \u{1FAB9}
Perl \x{1FAB9}


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