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Happy Fourth of July!

4th of July Emoji

We planned to improve Emojigraph "4th July" emoji collection before Independence Day.

🗃️Checking Archive for Data

I found 2019.07.04. tweets on Internet Archive. The total count of tweets in the data set - 4,667,068.

Further filtering by keywords or hashtags: "4th of July", "independenceday", "4thofjuly", "fourthofjuly", "thefourth", "julyfourth", "july4th", and "#independence" - gave me 18,142 tweets related to the 4th of July celebration.

🔝🇺🇸 Emojis of the last 4th of July

After extracting and counting emojis from these tweets, I got frequency per emoji, that best visualized as Emoji Cloud.

4th July 2019 Emoji Cloud

Above: 4th of July , 2019 -Top 100 emojis on Emoji Cloud.

Let's look closer to the top 10.

top 10 4th of JUly emojis.png

Figure 1: Top 10 emojis in the data set.

🇺🇸 Flag of the United States is the number one emoji with a total share of 32.46%.

Platforms - US flag diff.png

appears to be slightly different across various platforms.

The second most popular emoji in the sample, the ❤️Red Heart emoji is often used not only in the direct meaning of love, but as representations of the U.S. flag colors with 💙Blue Heart, 🔵Blue Circle, 🔴Red Circle, ⚪White Circle, and 🤍White Heart emojis.

The 🎆Fireworks emoji, along with the 🎉Party Popper, 💥Collision, and 🎇Sparkler often used as symbols of celebration.

The 😂Face with Tears of Joy emoji is well-known as the most popular on the platform and could be found across almost any tweets sample.

🗽 The United States symbols

A lot of emoji from the sample are regular in pop-culture symbols of the United States.

4th July American Symbols emojis

Figure 2: Emoji that symbolize the USA trough colors or objects.

The red, blue and white-colored heart and circle emojis stand for "Old Glory Red", "Old Glory Blue", and "White" colors of the American flag.

And the ⚾Baseball, the 🗽Statue Of Liberty, the🦅Eagle, the 🏈American Football, the 🤠Cowboy Hat Face, and other emojis from Figure 2 represent the iconic symbols of the U.S.

4th July sport emojis

Figure 3: Sports category emojis relative share.

While ⚾Baseball is the top sports emoji used 193 times, this could be explained by the popularity of the Google interactive Doodle Baseball game released on 4th July last year.

The 🏈American Football emoji is the second sports emoji used only 22 times across the sample.

🌭 Get Hungry?

4th July food Emoji Cloud

45 unique food emojis were counted in the sample. These emojis were used 395 times in total, accounting for 2.8% of the emojis counted.

The most popular food & drink emojis are the 🌭Hot Dog, the 🍻Clinking Beer Mugs, the 🎂Birthday Cake, the 🥧Pie, and the 🍔Hamburger.

And to better understand the semantics behind the tweets, I did an Independence Day tweets word cloud.

4th of July Tweets wordcloud

Next, I plan to conduct a similar analysis of the 4th of July emojis in 2020 and compare it to 2019. Check here for the update.


🆕 2020 data

Yesterday I've collected 167,679 tweets that had keywords: "independenceday", "4thofJuly2020", "4thofJuly", "4thofjulyweekend", "fourthofjuly", "thefourth", "July4th." There are a total of 134,250 emojis counted in these tweets, and 1,730 of them are unique.

4th July 2020 Emojicloud

Above: 4th of July , 2020 -Top 100 emojis on Emoji Cloud.

While the Emoji Cloud looks pretty similar to the 2019 version, and emojis like 🇺🇸Flag: United States, ❤️Red Heart, and 🎆Fireworks saved their position on top, there are emojis that had changed their rank significantly.

⬇️ Losers

4th july emoji losers

Figure 4: A table comparing the ranking of the emojis that were used less often in 2020.

The decrease in usage of ⚾Baseball emoji was expected, as in this year Google’s latest homepage Doodle is bringing the fireworks, and sparklers.

But the most notable rank change came to ◾Black Medium-Small Square emoji.

⬆️ Winners

4th july emoji winners

Figure 5: A table comparing the ranking of the emojis that were used more often in 2020.

The rise of ✨Sparkles could be connected to the Google Doodle.

C-19 and BLM also elevated the usage of the 😷Face with Medical Mask, the 🖤Black Heart, the ✊🏾Raised Fist: Medium-Dark Skin Tone, the ✊🏽Raised Fist: Medium Skin Tone, the ✊🏿Raised Fist: Dark Skin Tone.

To visualize top emojis relevant changes, I have separated flags, as the U.S. flag has a major share.

4th July 2020 emoji flags diff

Figure 6: U.S. flag emojis usage and misuse of the Liberia flag comparison.

While the 🇺🇲 U.S. Outlying Islands flag emoji usage elevated, the misuse of the 🇱🇷 Liberia flag emoji decline in 2020.

4th July 2020 emoji top diff

Figure 7: Top 20 emojis in the 2020 data set without flags.

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